• A wall mount emergency call button.
    • Includes wall mount bracket for installing in a fixed position
    • Simple, one button operation
    • Lightweight & portable
    • Up to 50m range
    • Replaceable Battery (1 x 3V Li-ion included)
    12 month battery life depending on usage
  • A low-cost panic button with lanyard and a large splash resistant button for ease of use.
    • Includes Lanyard for resident to wear around neck
    • Up to 50m range
    • Works with 2549 Cordless Multiport Expander & 2700 Cordless Falls Monitor.
    12 Month battery life depending on usage
  • Radio Alarm Button Enzo with RTLS Enzo provides the resident with all the pendant features available on the market today also equipped with RTLS. Wrist Strap, Necklace, Belt Clip, all come standard on the Enzo Pendant. The battery can be changed locally.
    • Water Resistance IP67
    • 3v Lithium battery CR2450 (up to 1 yr)
  • Silicone 1 button Pearpush Pendant
    • Washable & antibacterial
    • 6.5mm Stereo or mono plug
    • Can be easily replaced by staff/carers
  • Staff Tags provide tracking of staff members using RTLS via a visual map, and allows duress locations to present to displays. Power Supply: Wireless charging lithium battery  
  • The Entertainment Unit is able to be programmed to almost any Television set making integration with existing rooms and Nurse call systems simple.
    • In built speaker
    • Antibacterial
    • 3.5mm Headphone jack
  • Designed for the wandering resident and is able to track and locate a distressed resident when they push their pendant.
    • Includes breakaway necklace, wrist strap and belt clip options
    • Water-resistant IP67
    • Replacement kits available
  • Silicone 2 button Pearpush Pendant. Double button (call & light).
    • Washable & antibacterial
    • 6.5mm Stereo plug
    • Can be easily replaced by staff/carers
  • Easily activated pendant with a 2m cord. Comes with four different brightly coloured buttons (6.35cm diameter).
  • Palm size thin design for people with low dexterity.
    • Hospital grade soft rubber
    • IP67 waterproof resistance
    • Eyelet for easy storage
  • 1 button, antibacterial and waterproof. 5 metre cord.
  • Safe-Life "Go Anywhere Personal Alarm" The Most Advanced Personal Emergency Location Device
    Call For Help With The Press of a Button –
    Peace of Mind, Anywhere, Anytime – on the 4G Network
    The Safe Life 4G Personal Alarm for elderly has many features. Press the SOS button and the device will send out an SMS message to up to 10 pre-programmed mobile phone numbers. This will alert your carer network you need help. The SMS message will also inform the carers where you are located using Google Maps. When the carer responds by calling into the pendant, this incoming call will answer in speaker phone mode automatically, without the user needing to push any buttons.
    Alternately, if preferred, the pendant can immediately dial the first carer and then subsequent carers after the emergency SMS has sent.

    • Telstra 4G network
    • Accurate GPS positioning with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth back up
    • A Bluetooth docking hub for in door location
    • Falls Detection
    • Lightweight & Waterproof to IP67
    • For use in the community and at home
    • Receive SOS Alarm by SMS message and phone call – No APP needed!
    • Alarm and low battery voice announcements via pendant
    • Easy to re-program
    • Personalised out-going Emergency SMS message
    • No movement Alarm
    • Optional Alarm Clock
    • Hands-free two-way voice contact
    • Programmable with up to 10 emergency phone number
    Important note for pacemaker users: Consult your doctor prior to using this product


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