Nurse Call Solutions

Stay connected to your residents and patients for a higher standard of care

At Carecom we design advanced Nurse Call solutions, using industry-leading Nurse Call Systems, to help healthcare facilities improve their processes, safety and the quality of resident care. We are able to offer specially-designed systems that meet the specific and diverse needs of the Australian market.

IP Nurse Call

Our IP Nurse Call Systems allow for real-time, 24/7 monitoring, sending messages and alerts back to both the facility’s IT staff and our team at Carecom when any issues arise. 

Each Nurse Call point on the IP system is fitted with Real-Time Location System (RTLS) hardware, allowing nurses to check-in to the room automatically upon entering, which will advise other staff the someone is attending the the needs on the resident/patient and also tracking the exact time the staff member is spending with in the room.

Carecom can provide both full IP and serial Nurse Call Systems for your facility. Both are designed for future system scaling and expansion and offer integration with RTLS along with the capability to have wireless integration.


Carecom offers reliable and robust Wireless Nurse Call solutions for healthcare facilities where the existing cabling is not up to standard or new cabling is not permitted.

The Wireless Nurse Call System is compatible with Carecom accessories and has the following features:

  • Compatibility with CareTech IP and serial systems
  • 24Vdc hard-powered
  • Used with a double button, pear push pendant
  • 3 x inputs with contact to ground
  • 1 x output with the ability to switch electronic relay and turn on/off overbed light
  • Call points available in a range of configurations
  • 9V lithium battery with a 12-month battery life
  • Battery cable hook
Nurse Call System

System Integration and Reporting

Simple, fast and automated reporting solutions

Our reporting solutions enable healthcare providers to quickly access the data they need to understand the health of their facilities.

This solution delivers a full suite of standard reports that can be customised to suit the user’s, or facility’s, needs and environment. No more wasting time trying to access and create the required reports, each report can be scheduled to be delivered when you need it, easily giving you the information you need to take the right steps to improve your operations and the care in your facilities.

Our Carecom team will work with you personally to create a delivery system that suits you; scheduling and automating reports to be delivered to the right people at the right time, making our reporting system do all the work, so you can simply put the data into action.

This solution delivers valuable data, including:

  • Alarm Duration & Frequency (Daily & Weekly)
  • Attendance & Time Tracking
  • List of Alarms
  • List of Operational Alarms
  • Number of Alarms (per ID & Type)
  • Response Times and Time of Care Given

ll reports can be exported from the system in either Word, Excel or PDF formats. 

Contact our team to see our reporing solutions could work for your facility.

Educational Call Systems

Call and rapid staff deployment systems incorporating location staff duress. 

Our Wireless Call Systems have been designed specifically for schools and educational facilities empowering teachers and staff to quickly and efficiently call for assistance from any location within the school premises, whether it be classrooms, offices, buildings, or outdoor areas. They ensure rapid response and staff deployment during critical situations such as security and medical concerns, providing swift and effective assistance when it matters most.

These easy to use and cost-effective wireless solutions have integrated location-finding capabilities, meaning there is no need to leave children unattended in times of emergencies or send students to find help and located a particular person.

The system comes equipped with 

  • A variety of fixed call points to suit your requirements, including:
    • Call / cancel buttons
    • Call portals, offering up to four different call options
    • Waterproof disability toilet call buttons

All call buttons have options to include lock boxes with universal staff key. 

  • Wearable duress pendants equipped with location tracking for both teachers and vulnerable students
  • Overdoor alert lights for enhanced visibility (optional)
  • Alarm notifications via pagers, annunciators, and/or SMS
  • Detailed display of alarm call information and precise location
  • Comprehensive event logging into a secure database
  • Monitoring capabilities for equipment off-site
  • Records of response times and alarm types for analysis and improvement
  • Impressive range of up to 1.5 km

There is no cabling, therefore installation is quick and inexpensive. The system is easy to use and maintain. Ideal for small pre-schools through to the largest universities. 

The Long Range Call System equipment maintenance can be supervised and serviced as well as low battery alerts monitored either onsite by staff or off site by Carecom Solutions as required.

These emergency systems are tailored to your specific needs, contact us for an obligation free consultation, demo and pricing.

Carecom Solutions Educational Call Systems

Real Time Location System

Keep track of staff or residents in your facility.

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) allow your staff and residents to move freely while collecting their location as they move through a tag with built-in RFID technology – so you always know where they are. 

RTLS is built into the hardware of all hardwired CareTech Nurse Call points, and can also be overlaid on a wireless system or provided as a stand-alone system, specifically designed for healthcare environments. Ideal for asset tracking and management, the RTLS allows for automatic ‘staff presence’ events, recording the amount of time your staff are spending with residents for your reference. 

Designed for flexibility, the RTLS features can be activated or deactivated by the Nurse Call software as needed. Increase the safety of your residents and improve staff response times by always knowing the location of everyone in your facility.



Coming soon

Coming soon

Resident Wandering Systems

Remove the stress of monitoring at-risk patients with an integrated Wandering System

Integrating into your Nurse Call system, this solution gives your staff the ability to focus on their immediate tasks by immediately alerting them if wandering residents or patients are near a door or exit point, or at risk of absconding from the facility. 

Acting as the eyes and ears of your staff, this system keeps a 24/7 watch on the safety of your residents – without adding to your workload. During the day, your Nurse Call system will be instantly alerted to notify the staff of any issues, and, in night mode, it will set off alarms if anyone uses an exit without the required code/permission. 

Carecom offers a stand-alone or site-wide patient wandering system, and can source and integrate the most suitable Wandering System to your existing Nurse Call system. 

Wandering and disoriented patients can come to harm if they go astray, so a Wandering Security System is vital to providing increased care and security to those within your facility.

Falls Management Equipment

Carecom offer a wide range of falls management equipment which can integrate into your Nurse Call system via hardwired or wireless solutions.

Resident Wandering Systems

Carecom offer a stand alone or a site wide patient wandering system which can be integrated into your new or existing Nurse Call system.


Carecom offer a wide range of hard wired and wireless accessories which integrate to all of our Nurse Call systems.

Falls Management

Protect your residents with effective falls management systems

DECT and Paging

Seamlessly communicate within your facility with a Carecom DECT and Paging system designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

We specialise in providing DECT and Paging audio solutions designed to integrate with Nurse Call and duress systems. 

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is recognised as the optimum solution for enabling reliable communication between staff and management on the go, along with allowing families to contact residents and staff to receive Nurse Call alarms. DECT handsets are robust, easy to use, and can be used for voice calls and text messaging – providing improved efficiency and better customer response times using secure technology. Paging is a reliable one-way communication system ideal for ensuring that, even if your network is down, you will still be able to communicate effectively through your wireless paging devices.


Our devices integrate with any type of event-triggered communications point, and all types of wired and wireless networks and systems using a range of interface options. 

Carecom offers servicing and repairs for all DECT and Paging systems we install for extra peace of mind. 

Access Control

Protect and restrict the access to your facilities with the increased security of an Access Control system

Carecom offers installation and maintenance on stand-alone and fully integrated Access Control systems for all commercial or industrial sites and facilities.

Having the ability to easily and confidently monitor the movement of people, vehicles and materials in and out of your site is of crucial importance, and an Access Control system acts as the first line of defence in your electronic security system.

Our expert technicians work with a wide range of systems, which include features such as:

  • Proximity recognition
  • SmartCard/MiFare swipe card readers
  • Key-operated doors
  • Digital keypads
  • High-end biometric identification systems

Contact us for an Access Control System consultation today and make sure you are in control of the safety of your facility.

Inner Range Integriti Keypad


Monitor and protect your staff, residents and facility with CCTV technology

The safety and security of your personnel and facilities are key to the success and longevity of your business, and Carecom employs the most experienced personnel to ensure we can supply and install the most suitable system for your needs. From monitoring anyone who enters and exits your buildings and keeping tabs on staff movements within your facility, to providing comprehensive out-of-hours surveillance, a CCTV system is the answer to deterring crime and ensuring safer, more secure facilities.

With the latest in CCTV technology and a comprehensive range of Network Video Recorders (NVR), Video Management Software (VMS), high-definition cameras and equipment, we can design and deliver a CCTV system that will increase your security without increasing your workload.

Your CCTV system can include:

  • Remote viewing on your recorders
  • High definition & IP CCTV solutions
  • Easy playback, search and download
  • IP Video Management system

Carecom is a licenced security advisor and one of our expert team can come onsite to assess and advise on the best security solution for your facility.

Hikvision CCTV

Preventative Maintenance and Servicing

Reliable, high-performing systems with Service Level Agreements

Carecom Solutions is dedicated to providing ongoing care for our clients, partnering with your facility for expert, proactive maintenance and servicing for all aspects of your systems.

Our goal is to optimise the care that your facilities can provide to your customers by ensuring your critical systems are reliable and tailored to your unique needs and requirements. From maintenance to system optimisation and integrations, we are equipped with the capabilities and expertise to handle all your ongoing system and technological needs.

When you come on board with Carecom, you’ll find that our Service Level Agreements provide a transparent outline of expectations, costs, response times, along with prioritised service support and delivery, so you can be confident in our service. 

Along with providing off-site monitoring and assistance when required, our technicians can also be onsite within hours to assess and provide expert solutions at a fixed price.

Comprehensive System Audits

We provide comprehensive system audits as part of every SLA, along with outside of these agreements if required. These audits allow us to spot any gaps and provide the right assistance to bring your system in line with all required standards and make sure it is as effective as possible.

Our technician will conduct a full site audit of the required system, providing a full report of all findings and recommendations, along with fixed prices to resolve any issues.

Nurse call audit

We provide audits for the following systems:

  • Nurse Call
  • CCTV
  • Access Control 
  • WiFi
  • Battery Back Up
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Your audit will include a:

  • Complete functional system test 
  • Detailed report of all tests conducted 
  • List of system recommendations 

Your report can then be kept on file for any future Government compliance checks. Talk to our team today to schedule your Nurse Call Audit.