Protective eye shield Ninka – 50 spare frame pack

Protective eye shield Ninka – 50 spare frame pack

NINKA spare frame pack – 50 grey frames

NINKA is a protective eye shield that is cost effective and accessible to all. It was specifically designed for the service and healthcare industries. It protects against splashes and is light yet resistant, NINKA ensures a safer work environment for every person who may be in close physical contact with others.

  • Simple & quick lens replacement
  • Ergonomic tipgrip temples without pressure points
  • Protection against splashes & droplets
  • Upper frame protection
  • Protective film on both size of the lens
  • Visor size 23 x 7cm

4 packaging sizes to fit all demands, also available

  • Mini kit: 5 frames & 20 lenses
  • Large kit: 100 frames & 100 lenses
  • Lens box: 200 lenses
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