DECT and Paging Systems

At CareCom we specialise in DECT and Paging audio solutions with integration to Nurse call and duress systems. We offer Installations, service and repairs.

DECT (Telephony and Wireless Telephony Solutions) is recognised as the optimum solution for staff mobility and enables management on the move to ensure that your staff can always be contacted. DECT handsets are easy to use, robust and can be used for voice calls and text messaging providing improved efficiency and better customer response times using a secure technology.

Audio Solutions

Paging to android handsets

Our devices integrate any type of event-triggered communications point with all types of wired and wireless networks and systems using a range of interface options.

When a certain event is triggered, the device then uses its customer programmed rules to action an alert. It can send emails, text messages on local DECT or GSM phones, send a message to a large display board. It ensures the person or group responsible are notified immediately.


The wireless communication solutions allow on-site employees to roam freely throughout the workplace without sacrificing voice and data coverage or clarity. These devices integrate seamlessly with your existing systems meaning more uptime and better customer service.


The cost effective add-on Polycom Dect cordless system, combining voice communication and text messaging to the CareTech 5000 Nurse Call system.

All Polycom Dect wireless solutions are modular, add-on voice communication solutions. They are GAP compliable systems, based on the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, and are directly compatible with the CareTech 5000 Nursecall system and with most existing and future (IP) PABXs.

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